Cornelius O'Brien

Cornelius O'Brien, Corporal, 28th Maori Battalion

OK that's Uncle Con with the pipe. A group of 28th Maori Battalion NCOs who went with the Ninth Reinforcements. The photo was taken while training in New Zealand. WOII Frank Tibble of Waipiro Bay who is middle back row was the CSM (Company Sergeant Major) and later became an officer. To his right is Sgt James Marino of Tolaga Bay. Sgt Dave McClutchie of Ruatoria is middle front row.  They appear to be all men from C Coy district..

An old scan from the photo album of Sonny O'Brien (deceased) of Wairoa, Con's brother. This photo album was last in the possession of Sarah Smith, Con's niece. Photo uploaded by Kevin Summersby.



Family collection

Additional information regarding this photo was supplied by Monty Soutar, historian and
writer of the book Nga Tama Toa.

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