Kawai Morris writes from an Italian POW camp

Postcards sent from Kawai Morris to his mother during his time as a POW. Kawai enlisted using his younger brother's name - Jim Morris.

Kawai Morris (Tolaga Bay), Lloyd Ngapo (Kennedy Bay) and Mac Walsh (Ruatoria) were captured together. 

The following quote explains how they were caught.

"We had captured about 17 prisoners mostly Italians.  I asked Mac Walsh and two others to take them back to our area.  It transpired that the few Germans in the party managed to trick Mac by leading them in the wrong direction so that the whole party fell into enemy hands"[1]


[1] Harry Mackey, '39192 Major Harry Mackey MM MID' in Harry Lambert (ed.), The Maori Battalion Remembers II, REM Publications, Auckland, 1986, p.56 quoted in Monty Soutar, Nga Tama Toa, p. 234.


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