Sergeant Waru Te Waiti carries messages under heavy fire

This citation for Waru Te Waiti's Military Medal is reproduced from the April 1990 NZ 28 Maori Battalion Golden Jubilee Reunion booklet:

39483 Sergeant Waru Te Waiti M.M.

Sgt TE WAITI was a member of 'A' Coy which attacked and captured Point 237 on the evening of 7 May, 1943. Early in the morning of 8 May, 1943, his Coy immediately came under heavy enemy mortar fire throughout the day which played havoc with lines of communication from his Coy HQ to Bn HQ when ultimately at 0800 hrs the lines were totally destroyed and were unrepairable. Despite such heavy enemy fire, however, and without any due regard for his own personal safety, Sgt TE WAITI immediately offered his services as runner for the carrying of messages and information from his Coy HQ to Bn HQ. This job he carried out for the whole of the day under hazardous and most difficult conditions until lines of communication were again established by early evening. Throughout the action Sgt TE WAITI showed loyalty to his Coy, determination, courage and fortitude of the highest order.

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