Jack Albert

Also known as
John, Erueti | Tuhuna
Date of death
31 October 1987
Place of death

World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
C/o State Forest Service, Karioi, New Zealand
Next of kin
Mr R. Albert (brother), Karioi, New Zealand

Information about Jack Albert supplied by Hone Nuku Tarawhiti:

This is a special tribute to man that joined the Army and completed his full service with the famous 28th Maori Battalion -  a man that returned in 1943 for a short time and then returned back overseas for another tour of duty.

Jack Albert was also known by his Māori name Tuhuna Erueti. He came from a little settlement called Karioi and was one of the youngest of four children.

Jack Albert was born on  21st March 1912 in Wanganui.  His religion was Church of England. He attended Kakatahi  Native School on the Parapara Road and became a noted horse rider, riding in many Rodeo's and won the competition as the NZ Steer Champion.

Army Service Record

Jack Albert enlisted into the Army on  26th January 1940, He marched into Linton Camp Palmerston North on the 9th August 1940. He deployed with the Battalion to England. After training in England he was posted with 28th Battalion on the 4th January 1941 to Egypt, Middle East.  He was posted to HQ Company or the 'Odds and Sods'.

On the 16th July 1942 he was promoted to temporary Lance Corporal.  On the 6th August he signed his hymn book as being in the Sahara Desert.

On 22nd April 1943 Jack was promoted from Lance Corporal to Temporary Corporal. He returned home on the 12th July 1943 to Wellington for leave. He returned back to the Parapara where the photo was taken with him and his relation but then returned back to the Middle East on the 8th August 1943. On the 12th January 1944 He was made Corporal. On the 22nd February he received the Africa star medal and the 8th Army medal and clasp while he was in the Middle East.

He finally returned back with the 28th Māori Battalion on the 21st April 1945. He was awarded the 1939-45 star, Africa star, 8th Army clasp, Italy Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, NZ War Service Medal. He was finally discharged from the Army on the 5th July 1945.

He is buried in Ngamokai Urupa in Karioi.

Further information from Jack Albert's personnel file:

1. Full name: Corporal Jack Albert.           

2. Rank last held: Corporal

3. Forenames: Jack / John / Erueti

4. Surname: Albert

5. Also known as: Tuhuna

6. War: World war II 1939 - 1945

7. Regimental No: 39546

8. Iwi: Ngati Rangiteauria

          Ngati Uenukumanawawiri

          Ngati Hine-te-ra

          Nga Paerangi

9. Gender: Male                 

10.Religion: Church of England.

11. Date of birth: 21 March 1912.

12. Place of birth: Wanganui, New Zealand.

13. First known rank: Private.

14. Occupation before Enlistment: State Forestry Service.

15. Martial Status: Single.

16. Enlistment Address: Palmerston North, New Zealand.

17. Physical Description - Height: 5'2"

                                          Eyes:   Brown

                                          Hair:    Brown

                             Complexion:     Dark.

18. Enlistment Date: 26 January 1940.

19. Military District: Wanganui.

20. Body of Embarkation:

                                  Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force (2NZEF)                    

                                  4th Reinforcements.

21. Embarkation Unit: 28 Maori Battalion, D Company.

22. Embarkation Date: 8 November 1940

23. Destination: England.

24. Other Units: Transfer to HQ Company, 28 Maori Bn

                           D Company 28 Maori Bn

25. Campaigns: North Africa


                          Middle East...

26. Military Awards: 1939-45 Star

                                  Africa Star (8th Army Clasp)

                                  Italy Star

                                  Defence Star

                                  War Medal 1939 - 1945

                                  New Zealand War Service Medal.

27. Discharge Date: 5 July 1945.

28. Last Unit served: 28 Maori Battalion, HQ Company.

29. Reason for Discharge: End of War.

30. Place of Death: Wellington Hospital, Wellington.

31. Date of Death: 30 October 1987.

32. Age of Death: 75.

33. Year of Death: 1987.

34. Cause of Death: Heart failure.

35 Cemetery Name: Nga Mokai Urupa, Karioi.

36. Biographical Notes:

- Son of Erueti Te Rangirunga and Ngapera Matene raised by Hakaraia Te Tiwha.

-  A highly skilled Rider and trainer with Horses won the Steer Riding Championship in New Zealand.

- From Palmerston North he disembarked for England 9 Sept 1940.

- Embarked for Egypt on 4 January 1941.

- From Egypt he disembarked for the Middle East on 8 January 1942.

- Promoted to temporary Lance corporal on 16 July 1942

- Promoted to full Corporal on 22 April 1943

- Return back to New Zealand for leave on 8 June 1943.                 

- Returns back to the Middle East on 22 February 1944.

- Awarded the Africa Star and Clasp of the 8th Army

- Returned to New Zealand 3 February 1945.He was discharged on 5 July 1945.

- He returned back to his farm on the Parapara ranges and named his farm ‘Casino' after Monte Casino.

- He continued training horses and attended the NZ Rodeo Competitions and horse race meetings.

- He went to Patea and worked at the Patea Freezing Works. This was where he met Molly Nuku Tarawhiti in 1955.

- Finally he left Patea in 1962 and went to reside in Wellington, he was a member of the Wellington RSA, where he died at Wellington Hospital on 30th October 1987.    

- Honoured in 2008 by Her Majesty the Queen.

37. Post war Occupation: Forestry Worker

38. Description of image: Photo in Uniform, holding trophy that he won as the NZ Steer Champion. The photo was taken in 1940.

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