Jerry Pakai


World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
Post-office, Hastings, New Zealand
Next of kin
Captain Pakai (father), Opapa, New Zealand

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I am one of Jerry's many moko's. I am in the process of gathering information to contribute towards this website including photo's and stories that i can gather. Koro died in napier, i am confirming definate details to be able to relay. But he is buried at Te Hauke Marae in Hastings. Unfortunately i did not know alot about my koro and are working towards getting as much information i can about him and other's that he served with so we can share and all remember together what our whanau done for us all. Not only as a country but as Maori.

Kia ora kuz,

our koro is buried out Te Hauke if you ever want to visit him. Or my brother Poki knows our Whakapapa for koro very well, he has earned a seat on the paepae next to Kaumatua an whanau of te hauke. don't be shy kuz were all here to help each other. Arohatinonui 

Kia ora te whanau, kia ora koutou

Nga mihi ki a koutou


I am in the midst of researching & analysising information about my bloodlines on my father's side.

I am proud to say, that I can trace my bloodline as far back as my Great, great, great grandparents.

My research shows accuracy in my findings:

Here is a brief understanding of my research...

Enoka  +  Riria  Moeharakeke

Ratima  Pakai  +  Hiromina  Waiwinika  Te  Waerenga

Eria  Te  Waerenga  Pakai  +  Anihira  Mikaire

Jerry  Heremia  Pakai  +  Diana  Heremaia

Guy  Mathew  Pakai  +  Lessie  Rameka  Taunoa

Hawira  Pakai

  • Maarino  Horsfield
  • Kahurangi  Horsfield

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