Charlie Hapeta

Date of death
Place of death

World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
Horeke, Hokianga, New Zealand
Next of kin
Mrs A.N. Hapeta (wife), Horeke, Hokianga, New Zealand

Comments (12)

It is with some comfort to see a photo of your grave site and know where you are. All your sisters and brother have gone now reunited with you and our lord.My wish is to make a trip to Italy and pay my respects, to lay flowers at your grave and introduce myself as your neice. This I hope in the not to distant future.Arohanui.

I never got the chance to meet you, but I'm your great granddaughter. Your son (charlie) is my mums dad, iv heard many stories about you, & you where truly a great man. My children are very lucky to be able to carry your last name. I hope one day, we will be able to travel to where you have been laid to rest & pay tribute & our respect. We will meet one day.

Charlie Hapeta had 4 kids

1 Ngawaiata Hapeta/Prodger/Devine had 3 kids

      Carol Prodger deceased had 2 kids

            Amanda Prodger/Ivamy

            Kingsley Holder deceased

       Michael Prodger has 6 kids

            Ngawaiata Prodger has 1 kid

                           Kaylee  ann

            Ropata Prodger twin

            Makoro Prodger twin

            Michael Tipuna

            Muriwai Tipuna

            Tania Tipuna

    Arthur Devine

2 Charlie Hapeta has 7 kids

3 Carol Hapeta deceased

4 Carroll Hapeta/Reg Copper has kids

Kiaora Michael have just read your message on your grandfathers page. My mother is your grandads sister her name was Ani (Annie) I would love to meet you or at least have a phone call sometime. If you would like to, I can be contacted at [email protected] sure if I should put my ph number I wont lol. Hopefully we will talk soon.


Wendy Isaia

To there.I'm hewe Polly takimoana grandson.Polly takimoana (new hapeta).Charlie's daughter.we are trying to find info on her family.if any one is still alive as she and 3 brothers were separated from there mother. (Erinia shelford.and father Charlie hapeta.and bans Polly is still alive.please get in email is [email protected]

Charle's Hapeta. son of Charlie Hapeta.

I am Michale Prodgees Mothen's 1/2 Brother. Our mother is Alice Curry, Hapeta. Michale's Mother and I have the same Mum but Different Dads. Waiata's family name was curry she was about 2 years old when our mum married my dad. our mums 1st born was a boy, George Ogle Michales mum, my 1/2 sister myself and George got on great and used to meet up at a relatives farm. George Olge died in a motor cycle accident up North at Bottom of Okaihau Hill.

You can contact with me on

Home phone: 09-5257115
Cell phone: 027-2766655
Email: [email protected]

Moa Hapeta never father'd any children those day's men that could'nt father children were known as dry balls. What Moa has done was to marry wemen with children then adopted the children to give them the family name Hapeta. My dads dad. Pokaitara is laid to rest at Rahiri Urupa Moa Hapeta is also there with some of his adopted offspring Morgan Mapeta and others. Morgan and I were great mates as teens we got into a lot of mischeif as teen boy do. Morgan died following an accident Moa Hapeta house at Onehunga. There seem to be a lot of jealousy towards my dad by Moa Hapeta I feel its because my dad had children. Moa Hapeta went to court judge Nicolson and told him my dad got killed in the war and that he had no children, I was told some thing was going on about my Das House and section where me and my little brother Carole at the time used to stay. I got to see judge Nicolson and told him who I was he thourght I was lying because Moa had told him my Dad had no children and so he let Moa Hapeta dispose of my dads house and section. they had a raffle and the Smith family won the raffle. the Smith family are still there today as far as I know. all this can be found on the court files. these Smiths are Michael Prodgers relatives.    

Brothers Tom and Dick Harris. Pomare brothers, Ben and Saan they both had families. The Cleave family had the Horeke store that catered for all your needs, like normal groceries to hose bridles, hose shoes adald shoes gumboots. they did my dads photo's befor he went over seas. Eric Grey had the Dairy, petrol pumps mechanic garage workshopo.  Alf Hartley ran the Horeke picture threatre it used to cost me a shilly to go to the pictures, no fancy seats just the old fationed long forms with no backs. so we all milked the cows srubbed the cow shit off our gumboot combed our hair down with coe teat grease got on our horse and all went to the pictures. those were gread days. Jack McKarthie had a couple of big cattle trucks and got a couple of his boys Joe etc to collectpeople from Motukiore, Utakura and Okaihau to go to the horeke pictures and to take the m home again no charge. What a great man he was, he just did this for the people no charge that was the type of man Jack McKarthey was. they wrer on the horeke motukiore road on the Waima River. 

Before my dad went to war he worked as a farmhand for Robbie Harris.The farm was on the Horeke / Motukiore rd. My mum, dad and Waiata Curry lived in a small white house on the right side of the road going to Motukiore. My mum's dad Mitch Curry built my mum and dads house on our section on a hill looking down to water. Growing up in the country was a lot of fun. Going to the pictures on horses and only 3d (three pennies) to get into the Pictures. Granpa Curry used to go to the Horeke Hotel with 10 shilling's $1.oo. get blind drunk and still go home with change in his poket. I stopped dinking the day I got married to Marlene.used to cost one and thrupence a jug those day's. My step Dad Paul Popata (Pua)was alway's kind and friendly and backed me in all I wanted to do. I ended up with a few Businesses retail outlets one in Mangere one at Royal Oak. Top Mark Mowers and Topmark Finance. 

I was alway's a workaholic and alway's had good jods' I worked all year round for Westfield Freezing works. Then an English fim G.K.N. got up to Quality Control Inspector went to Mason and Porter, parts and trouble shooter. James Hardy. buyer for the Company than Accounts department. Thats when I saw the loop hole if you had your own company. That's what gave me that extra push to start out on my own. I will be 76 years this November. Wow I really had a great life and have a lot of good memories.

My father is Reg Cooper (Carroll Hapeta), the son of Charlie Hapeta.
I am seeking any information about my father's side of the family that anyone could share.

Reg Cooper / Carroll Hapeta has the following children:
- Lance Cooper (M)
- Derek Cooper (M)
- Valese Cooper (F)
- Owen Cooper (M)
- Mark Newbegin (adopted at birth) (M)
- Diane Cooper/Farr (F)
- Donna Cooper (F)
- Bronwen Cooper (F)

My email is [email protected].