Sister Marguerite King..A True Soldier..As Painted By Peter McIntyre

2nd NZEF nursing sister Marguerite (Peggy) King, MID, as painted by her friend and 2nd NZEF official war artist Captain Peter McIntyre who published this painting in original sketch form within his 1981 NZ publication titled "War Artist"



Hayward Family Rotorua,Denis Clough archive

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As above peggywas a good friend of the war artist and when well North on the Italian coast Captain Peter McIntyrepainted a beautiful scene for her of a busy wartime coastalharbour as a thank you for allowing her to be sketched, which the son of Peggy and Ted, Mr Russell Hayward has to this day.. a very valuable original treasure..

I bought a book "Old Westland" in a second hand shop that was presented to Marguerite King by the Hokitika RSA in 1943. I would like to know if the family would like it returned to them. Are you able to help?

Nancy,So many thanks from myself and two of Marguerite's sons John and Russell Hayward. A very kind gesture from yourself in both making contact via this website and offering the books return to her family after so many years. Neither son had any recollection of the book and I would assume as Marguerite King was born and raised in that South Island area that she decided to let the book remain in the Hokitika RSA as she would have been home on her 3 month post North African campaign furlough along with the 1600 2nd NZEF members at that time who returned for same before returning to North Africa and then entrance to Italy,late 1943.Both John and Russell Hayward expressed a keen enthusiasm to accept your offer (if still able) to have the book returned to her family at her existing home which is now owned by John Hayward. His phone number is 07 3476409 or alternatively another son Russell his phone number is 021 1803959.My thanks go to you once again Nancy and if i can be of further assistance to you my phone number is 022 3117677.Very kind regards,Denis Clough