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70 years ago this month

The Battalion are at Montaquila as counter-attack reserve for 2 Paratroop Brigade, then relief for 24 Battalion atop Colle Belvedere. By months end they had moved up the Rapido valley to Sora. Read the war diary for May 1944 here

Battalion Roll

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Note this roll does not contain the names of those who were in other units but worked closely with the 28th Māori Battalion or those who served in the 15th Reinforcements or Jayforce. See a list of these people here. The names and other details given in this roll are those recorded on enlistment. Many 28th Battalion soldiers used alternative names or were known by both Māori and English versions of their names; these are recorded where known. Rank information is often first known rank. Please let us know if a soldier was known by an alternative name or was promoted to a higher rank by the end of the war.
Surnamesort iconForename(s)RankSerial No
NutiraTahuLance Corporal806927more details
NukunukuPiutaPrivate39205more details
NukunukuWirangiPrivate802099more details
NukuJamesPrivate67574more details
NukuRichardPrivate811730more details
NukuPuniPrivate811761more details
NukuHunter MeritoPrivate65239more details
NukuMacPrivate811498more details
NukuHimionaPrivate67545more details
NowlandAni HohepaTemporary Lance Corporal39112more details
NortonHenryPrivate821068more details
NorthoverTautuhiPrivate65309more details
NorthcroftHenry WilliamMajor65423more details
NorrisCharlesRegimental Sergeant Major65638more details
NohokauJamesPrivate62680more details
Nohi NohiWheti KirikaPrivate802098more details
NobleThomasCorporal67396more details
NobleMax EhuPrivate39696more details
NobleSonnyPrivate62758more details
NoblePatrickPrivate62857more details
NikoraTuakanaPrivate39578more details
NikoraRangihikoiaPrivate62640more details
NikoraHohepaPrivate816563more details
NihonihoPouramua NihonihoPrivate39785more details
NihetaJack HuiruaPrivate802513more details
NicholsonKarauia ClaudePrivate62607more details
NichollsVivian TametehuraSergeant802366more details
NiaoHarryPrivate62679more details
Nia NiaGeorgePrivate817636more details
Nia NiaRongoPrivate65520more details
NgoungouDickPrivate802097more details
NgerengereHerewiniPrivate39190more details
NgerengerePaaPrivate817634more details
NgawhikaJoePrivate65456more details
NgawhareTihemaPrivate811652more details
NgatoroReihanaPrivate65308more details
NgatoroRawiriPrivate65307more details
NgatoroRaukuraPrivate39758more details
NgatoaTeherere PatihanaPrivate816562more details
NgataiMaungarongoPrivate39155more details
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