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Unless otherwise indicated, all material on this website other than material contributed by users is subject to Crown copyright protection administered through the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. New Zealand and international copyright laws protect third party material on this site. Authorisation to reproduce such material should be obtained from the copyright holders concerned.

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For written permission to reproduce information, images or other resources on this website, please contact the copyright holder or holding institution (where named) in the first instance or the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, PO Box 5364, Wellington, New Zealand. Tel: +64 4 499 4229; Fax: +64 4 499 4490; Email:

Your contributions

Copyright in your contribution (including images, audio and video) submitted to the site by you or a third party on your behalf will remain with you. This permission is not exclusive, so you can continue to use the material in any way including allowing others to use it.

Oral histories

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage or 28 Maori Battalion Association, which own the copyright for the oral history interviews contained on this site, holds signed agreement forms from all of the interviewees giving the Ministry or the Association the right to publish them. They may not be reused without the permission of the copyright holder. The full recordings and accompanying paperwork are deposited at the Oral History Centre, Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand, and may, subject to any conditions placed on their use, be consulted there.

Radio sound files

Copyright for all radio sound files on this site is held by Radio New Zealand. All rights reserved. Permission of Sound Archives/Ngā Taonga Kōrero, Christchurch, New Zealand, must be obtained before any reuse of these radio recordings.


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