Wi Patene Anaru

Wi Patene

World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
Native Department, Rotorua, New Zealand|Native Department, Rotorua, New Zealand
Next of kin
Mr Tiweka Anaru (father), Rotorua, New Zealand|Mr Tiweka Anaru (father), Rotorua, New Zealand

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Today, in researching, we found that Uncle Wi was reported as 'wounded' in The Evening Post - Tuesday, 4 May 1943. Click here to view full page. A wonderful man with a very beautiful, stately wife and a fine son, daughter-in-law, grand-children and great grandchildren that would do him proud. Nga mihi aroha. Na, Te Awhi o Te Rangi Anderson Manahi maua ko Philip Wi Patene Anderson.  No Pukehina maua.

Hello everyone,

I am the researcher and contributor for Poppy Places, Palemrston North (http://poppyplaces.nz/). I am currently researching the Awatapu subdivision and the 28th Maori Battalion individuals which the streets are named for as commemoration of their service overseas. I am looking for any and all information which anyone can supply about the following indiciduals: Major Wi Patene Anaru, Lieutenant George Katene, Sergeant E T M Pitama, Lieutenant Colonel H Ruha and Major M P Te Punga. I have already completed articles for Brigadier George Dittmer, Lieutenant Colonel J C Henare, Captain Wiremu Te Tau Huata and Captain M Wikiriwhi, but any more information would be greatly appreciated to add on.

If anyone can provide any information on these individuals it would be greatly appreciated. You can contact me via [email protected]

Thank you,

Evan Greensides