Albert Te Auheke Bennett

Albert Te Auheke

World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
Okere Falls
Next of kin
Mrs O.M. Bennett (wife), Vicarage, Ohinemutu, New Zealand

Was a POW and is listed as 2nd Lieutenant. He enlisted at Rotorua.

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Waiapu Church Gazette Volume 35, Issue 11, 1 February 1945, Page 9Lieutenant A. T. Alby Bennett was wounded in Italy during the assault on Casino. The bullet was extracted by German doctors in Italy, where he remained for two months, before he could be moved as a P.O.W. to an Oflag camp in Germany.  He writes as follows — For two months after my capture, I was in hospital in Italy, where I couldn't write home, but from the beginning of June I have written almost weekly to some of you. Please, understand that anyone may write but I shall not be able to answer every letter personally as we are only allowed three of these and four small cards per month. Thank you so much Dad for all your news of the whole family. I am especially grateful to know that Ted is so well. I hope it will not be long before I hear from him.  It is almost certain that we shall go to England from here when the war is over. l am pleased to know that Hori is so well and bright. Studying Languages I am fairly busy these days studying languages. If l am still here in July (I hope not) I intend sitting some exams set in London in Italian and French.  Not having matriculated I am ineligible for University exams. In a further letter Lieut. Bennett writes: — Received your second letter with details of tangi at Tamatekapua and Te Puke yesterday. I thought I would be reported presumed killed. Divine intervention only saved me from death, and it is a miracle that the bullet wound in my back has not caused me any permanent inconvenience (described in earlier letters). Two months I spent in German controlled hospital in Italy. Immediately after capture being the reason for the extra long delay.  No Red Cross facilities for writing here.  After seven months without news you can imagine Dad what a difference your loving and cheery messages from the family make to one who has been absolutely cut off from the outside world.  Have written several letters to Ted.  So thrilled to know he is O.K. No news from George or anyone else. I spend all my time on languages being fairly proficient m French and Italian conversation, and am now starting Spanish. I intend sitting for an examination in the former two if the war lasts much longer. Before l return I intend to spending a short while in France if leave granted in England. Re parcels:  Any food parcels (next of kin only) allowed. Four per annum would be welcome. Advise Oha to arrange through Red Gross for Ted to send them from England. Padre Hurst from Lower Hutt sends regards and says Padre Hopkins is O.K. They were both captured about same time but in different camps. Church services held regularly in all camps. My prayers are always for you all. May the war soon be over. Love to all. — ALBY Click here to view the article. 'With the Maori Battalion'. Waiapu Church Gazette, Volume 35, Issue 11, 1 February 1945, P 9 URL: