Secret order - December 16, 1941

16 December 1941 A Company of the Māori Battalion advance on Point 137 assisted by 22 Battalion's D Company.  14 men from A Company and 2 from 22 Battalion die this day.  The advance is at a standstill and the Battalion hold their position. 

The document pictured above is a secret order is issued on this day.  For more detail see the December 1941 diary.

The following is a transcript of the secret order:

To:- A.B.C.D.Hqrs Coys, Bn.Hqrs. & Attached Units
From. 28 Maori BN.                                                                SECRET          16 Dec 41

The 28 Group will hold present position - no move to-day.
Dig in present positions strongly.

A and B Coy will hold the valley selecting suitable positions near or forward of Point 154.  Pioneers and engineers will report to Point 154 and assist those Coys to dig in. Engineers and Pioneers will occupy tonight FORT 181.  Coy of 22 BN will after dark withdraw and report back to 22 BN at BIR EL GEFF.  D Coy will hold present position but will RECCE reserve position at Point 154 in rear of A and B Coy and be prepared to move in here in the dark if required.

C Coy will occupy the strongest position at or near present location, and make efforts to co-operate with right flank of B coy. 

A Coy will be connected by telephone. Units will ensure that they have plenty of ammunition and food, and fire of automatic weapons inter-lock across their front.

Artillery will register defensive fire in front of 4 Coy positions.  R.S.M. will Command Headquarters details in PORT 181. 

Bren carriers four with A and B Coys remainder in reserve at 181.  M.M.Gs. 1 Pl. with A and B coys 1 Section to C Coy, Sjt Petres Section will report to Bde Hqrs.  D Coy will use own automatic weapons. 

4 Mortars with A and B coys 2 with C Coy.

Engineers and Pioneers will NOT report at 154 until dark.

Battle strength required immediately from Coys who have Not submitted case.

Sgd. C Sorenson Capt.
28 Maori BN.                                                                                                                                                                                           



Archives New Zealand = Te Rua Mahara o te Kāwanatanga
28 NZ (Māori) Battalion, July 1940 to January 1946, WAII 1 DA 68-1-24, p.71


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