Recce Report 22-23 July 1942

Reconnaissance report for the night of 22/23 July 1942 submitted by 2/Lt Jim Aperahama.

The following is taken from the July 1942 war diary:

22 Jul, Wed First light and the Battalion received orders to move to a new area. 0600 hrs Battalion moving in coy groups on a bearing of 255 degrees moved to the old 26 Battalion area. Enemy is shelling the area quite heavily but by 0900 hrs all Coys are in position. 1000 hrs 12 to 15 bombers bombed C Coy area where tanks were also harboured and wounded Capt. Logan and 10 ORs and destroyed C Coy tonner cookhouse and damaged two others. Enemy is lobbing occasional shells into our areas but slacked off towards midday. 1300 hrs another Stuka attack this time forward of C Coy. 1600 hrs 15 Stukas bombed the area forward of B Coy. They seem to be aiming for the tanks. Throughout the day stragglers from 26 Battalion have come into the Battalion and are being sent onto Brigade. 1800 hrs 15 Bostons passed overhead to return the Stuka’s compliments. 1825 hrs enemy shelling has increased. 1910 hrs about 20 Stukas dive bombed approximately 1.6 km north of A Coy. 1920 hrs 12 Dorniers attacked the same area. Our anti-aircraft guns seemed to have bagged one of them. Casualties today: 26096 Private Sonny Wolfgramm, grave M.R. 87742730. El Mreir 1/50,000 and Corporal Hirini Heke, grave M.R. 87792727. Total wounded : 1 Officer Temp. Capt. Logan and 11 ORs. 2100 hrs 2 P1s of A Coy under 2/Lt Jim Aperahama and 2/Lt George Marsden to Squares 873276 / 874276 to endeavour to contact remnants of 6 Brigade reported in that area. They succeeded in crossing enemy wire and minefields but discovered two enemy tanks and numerous infantry digging in that area. At this stage RAF dropped parachute flares over the area thus restricting our patrols movements. The patrol returned after ascertaining that there was little likelihood of any of our troops being in the area.

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Archives New Zealand = Te Rua Mahara o te Kāwanatanga.
Ref:  28 NZ (Maori) Battalion Diary, WAII 1 1664 DA 68/1/31, p.81

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