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Te Awhi o Te Rangi Manahi
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About Me:

Update 17 Jan 2011:

We had very little information about our Uncle Dennis before we placed our first entry on his Battalion web page on the 30 July 2009. His parents and all his siblings had died and we didn't know where to start. Now when we look at Uncle Dennis' photos and read about him - it's like he has just walked in the he actually did come home from the war and is telling us his story.

In searching, I found an N.Z.E.F. Roll of Honour with his name on it in The Evening Post. I realised that there was a huge amount of information in The Evening Post newspaper about our 28th Maori Battalion soldiers, so I thought I could help others by going through the papers from 1939 - 1945 and adding a comment on a soldier's page with links to articles where he is mentioned.

I hope this fills in some gaps for whanau looking for additional information.

We also did an interesting exercise when we first registered on the Battalion site on the 29th of July 2009 which helped us realise just how involved in (or against) the military our Tupuna were:

•    1865 NZ Land Wars - Te Aitanga a Mahaki defenders of Waerenga a Hika - Arapata Taniwha (G G G Grandfather) and his son Paora Whakanga
•    1866 Hawkes Bay Military Settlers - Joseph Hamon (G G Grandfather)
•    1st Waikato Regiment (Scout) & 1867 NZ Militia Native Contingent - Timi Waata Rimini (G G Grandfather)
•    WWI NZ Pioneer Battalion - Joseph Anderson (Grandfather)
•    WWII 28 Maori Battalion - Eruera Dennis Hamon (Grand Uncle)
•    1946 British Commonwealth Occupation Force (J Force) - George (Hori) Tunui Anderson (Father)

"Look to the rock from which you were cut and to the quarry from which you were hewn."

- Te Awhi

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Kia Ora Te Awhi what a wonderful feeling knowing that you gave me information about uncle Brownie Tapuke as i knew very little info about him and was so happy that someone knew him. You are so right about how comforting it is to hear that our uncles are there together in Eygpt. I loved the video clip on you tube of the journey to Sollum i hope to make that journey one day. Kind Regards Aroha