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70 years ago this month

The Battalion re-enter Cassino township and then are quickly withdrawn. They move to Colle Belvedere, protecting the Cairo-Telle road and supporting patrols. Read the war diary for April 1944 here

Battalion Roll

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Note this roll does not contain the names of those who were in other units but worked closely with the 28th Māori Battalion or those who served in the 15th Reinforcements or Jayforce. See a list of these people here. The names and other details given in this roll are those recorded on enlistment. Many 28th Battalion soldiers used alternative names or were known by both Māori and English versions of their names; these are recorded where known. Rank information is often first known rank. Please let us know if a soldier was known by an alternative name or was promoted to a higher rank by the end of the war.
Surnamesort iconForename(s)RankSerial No
SylvaBasilPrivate802627more details
SwintonJackPrivate811028more details
SwintonPaul OliverPrivate68201more details
SwannDooleyPrivate817655more details
SwannSam FerrissPrivate68398more details
SwainsonMatia ParkesLieutenant35258more details
SutherlandTheodorePrivate802203more details
SutherlandTe AorerePrivate65402more details
SutherlandGeorge Henare AlbertCaptain67388more details
SullivanWharerangiPrivate39576more details
SullivanTauPrivate39259more details
SullivanJack KotukuPrivate805068more details
SullivanMasseyPrivate801762more details
SullivanJohnstonPrivate26035more details
SulfaFrank MildyPrivate800881more details
SubritzkyEricLance Corporal39305more details
StrongmanAllanPrivate39459more details
StrongmanRoy KennethSergeant65537more details
StirlingTe HarangiPrivate39613more details
StirlingWahawahaPrivate802465more details
StirlingNaeraPrivate802201more details
StewartJohn CharlesPrivate65414more details
StewartDonald OliphantSecond Lieutenant26034more details
StewartRobert OliphantPrivate62695more details
StewartHorton OliphantSecond Lieutenant4183more details
StewartBertrand Oliphant Te ApatuTemporary Sergeant68397more details
StewartCharles OliphantPrivate611058more details
StewartTakiPrivate802928more details
StevensEdgar RobertPrivate39461more details
StevensKiriPrivate26033more details
StevensGeorgePrivate817566more details
StephensAndrew JosephSecond Lieutenant3174more details
StephensWarren PahiaPrivate819256more details
StaplesNedCorporal802200more details
StanleyBrownPrivate802626more details
SorensonChristopherSecond Lieutenant6082more details
SolomonMate NgaroPrivate62558more details
SolomonGeorgeLance Corporal67549more details
SolomanJohnPrivate39138more details
SnowdenSonnyPrivate810544more details
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