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70 years ago this month

The Battalion re-enter Cassino township and then are quickly withdrawn. They move to Colle Belvedere, protecting the Cairo-Telle road and supporting patrols. Read the war diary for April 1944 here

Battalion Roll

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Note this roll does not contain the names of those who were in other units but worked closely with the 28th Māori Battalion or those who served in the 15th Reinforcements or Jayforce. See a list of these people here. The names and other details given in this roll are those recorded on enlistment. Many 28th Battalion soldiers used alternative names or were known by both Māori and English versions of their names; these are recorded where known. Rank information is often first known rank. Please let us know if a soldier was known by an alternative name or was promoted to a higher rank by the end of the war.
Surnamesort iconForename(s)RankSerial No
AwatereArapeta Marukitepua PitapitanuiarangiLieutenant Colonel39636more details
AwatereTamatiPrivate39161more details
AwarauPaul MatehePrivate26150more details
AwarauWaipaina MateheCaptain39656more details
AwarangiJacobPrivate817527more details
AwahouJohnPrivate815280more details
AupouriHemi HemaraPrivate39041more details
AukahaKoro PeneTemporary Sergeant802386more details
AugustTipunaCorporal65218more details
AugustJohnWarrant Officer Class 265434more details
AtutahiDavid George NgaroPrivate25810more details
AtutahiHenryPrivate813512more details
AtkinsJimPrivate815702more details
AtkinsJoePrivate39642more details
AtkinsRakapaPrivate801886more details
AtkinsJerryPrivate811345more details
AtkinsRangiPrivate801887more details
AtkinsBillPrivate67497more details
AtarauJohnPrivate811037more details
AtarauMaiaPrivate65265more details
AtamaHarryPrivate802764more details
AtamaManueraPrivate25809more details
AtaJoe NakaPrivate64585more details
AstleHarryPrivate810690more details
AspinallLouisPrivate67312more details
AsherGeorge AsherSecond Lieutenant62486more details
AsherJohn David AtirauPrivate800851more details
AshbyHenryPrivate812659more details
AshbyGeorgePrivate39295more details
AshbyJamesPrivate801331more details
AshbyArthur WalterPrivate65333more details
AshbyKimetePrivate801883more details
AronaWhitoPrivate39289more details
ArenaTe RangiPrivate39292more details
ArenaSkinnerPrivate68504more details
AratemaDavid KohuruPrivate62443more details
AranuiKaraPrivate817526more details
AranuiKamiraPrivate67527more details
AranoHeremaiaCorporal62793more details
AramakutuHaretea TuniuarangiPrivate65409more details
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