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70 years ago this month

The Battalion are at Montaquila as counter-attack reserve for 2 Paratroop Brigade, then relief for 24 Battalion atop Colle Belvedere. By months end they had moved up the Rapido valley to Sora. Read the war diary for May 1944 here

Battalion Roll

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Note this roll does not contain the names of those who were in other units but worked closely with the 28th Māori Battalion or those who served in the 15th Reinforcements or Jayforce. See a list of these people here. The names and other details given in this roll are those recorded on enlistment. Many 28th Battalion soldiers used alternative names or were known by both Māori and English versions of their names; these are recorded where known. Rank information is often first known rank. Please let us know if a soldier was known by an alternative name or was promoted to a higher rank by the end of the war.
Surnamesort iconForename(s)RankSerial No
WaaMorgan Manu Private25930more details
WaaRoyalPrivate62790more details
WaakaTePrivate65391more details
WaakaTe KariPrivate39275more details
WaakaWatchmanLance Corporal817724more details
WaakaKuruCorporal5666more details
WaakaAperahamaPrivate39284more details
WaakaRangiPrivate39283more details
WaataKena TangaroaPrivate62862more details
WadeDavid HorrisPrivate802270more details
WadeJohn KendrickLance Corporal34874more details
WaengaBillPrivate811741more details
WaengaEddiePrivate62702more details
WaengaHenareActing Corporal65484more details
WaengaPaulPrivate39132more details
WaengaJoe KahakiPrivate39206more details
WaengaSandyPrivate811325more details
WaengaTawhaiPrivate65485more details
WaengaTaare Te Moana-Nui-a-KiwaPrivate817670more details
WaereaMahuikaSecond Lieutenant39647more details
WaereaRobinPrivate67402more details
WaereaDaniel RobinPrivate808594more details
WaerehuBobPrivate817573more details
WaetfordEdwardSergeant39498more details
WaetfordJames WalfordPrivate812591more details
WahaIsaacPrivate65379more details
WahaJohnLance Corporal39503more details
WahaMarcellusPrivate39513more details
WahanuiBudCorporal817767more details
WahanuiAlbertPrivate67523more details
WahanuiWilliamPrivate817768more details
WahapaDesmond BarnyPrivate802746more details
WahapaRayPrivate802377more details
WahapangoTe KootiPrivate26074more details
WahapangoKoroPrivate39278more details
WaharaiDan Private62773more details
WahoterangiPeterPrivate817723more details
WaiariPokaiPrivate802271more details
WaiarikiEricPrivate65205more details
WaihapePukePrivate802273more details
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