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TinaTaepa21 Oct 2014
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respect215 Oct 2014
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scott9004 Oct 2014
virgiliraia28 Sep 2014
mereapp24 Sep 2014
Samuel_Joan_Mason21 Sep 2014
Miria10 Sep 2014
Merc3des08 Sep 2014
MHori31 Aug 2014
Daras_moko31 Aug 2014
harrington26 Aug 2014
Sonia Lewis23 Aug 2014
Carlos20418 Aug 2014
Pollyana15 Aug 2014
Balkan friend15 Aug 2014
sophie13 Aug 2014
Druhan11 Aug 2014
witanaar10 Aug 2014
princess09 Aug 2014
philthompson09 Aug 2014
Ray Mihaere02 Aug 2014
hikurangi200031 Jul 2014
kiwa4030 Jul 2014
Jo Bro Murray24 Jul 2014
Guttersnipe23 Jul 2014
ahau17 Jul 2014