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Naphelia Brown
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My father William Ratahi Pitman aged ninety four years of age passed away peacefully at my residence in Tikipunga on the 21st June 2012. I have many wonderful memories of my fathers comrades especially from 'A' company. Dad's Army number is 28982, he was a Private and was 22 years old when he left for overseas. Three of his brothers also enlisted in the Maori Battalion, John (killed on active service and interred in Acroma War Cemetery, Libya), David (39er), Edward who got over to Italy but was sent back when he was sprung as being too young at only 16 much to his annoyance, he later served in the J Force. Another brother, Maketu served in the Navy during the war. The brothers have all passed on now. Dad's parents were Tame & Matiria Pitman of Tamaterau and he was the 9th of 18 siblings. He is the last survivor of that whanau. My name comes from a place in Libya that the men spent a Christmas, Dad & his cousin Peter Rata, said to each other if they ever had a daughter, this would be her name, Dad kept his word! Although he spelt it differently, "Naphelia" that story has been with me all my life. I was privileged to accompany dad on a trip to Italy in 2005 & we were so near yet so far to visit my namesake, Nofilia.

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Tena Koe Naphelia, sorry for the late reply, I knew you had posted something on my profile but did not know how to access it. I am computer illiterate on how to navigate this site. Thank you for those kinds words about my parents. I was only 5 when Dad passed away and 20 when Mum joined him. I was there both times and miss them dearly. I have met your Dad at a Police/RSA get together organised by Bill Lillicrapp a couple of years ago. I was well aware of the family ties we share but I don't have much to do with Gilberts whanau. I keep to myself and have been researching my Dad's lineage so that my son Kirimatou is fully informed about his Poppa. I went to Takahiwai Marae urupa today to see my Dad and brother and was amazed at how many members there were laying at rest inour cemetary. I hope you had a lovely Xmas and New Year. Hei Konei Mai Me Nga Mihi. William Paki.